What else is amazing? No Cracking!

Magic Fiber Clay Cone 6 The evolutionary descendant of paper clay, Magic Clay does not rot, it is smooth and forgiving, you can add wet clay to dry. No cracking, it is perfect for medium sized outdoor sculpture and handbuilding. Glaze with any cone 6 glaze (or Duncan's Concepts). A new product from New Mexico Clay, Magic Clay is a fibered Cone 6 smooth, plastic, porcelaneous body. The fiber is extremely fine and burns out in the firing.

So What? Magic clay advantages:

1. Sculptors can work very loosely and it will not crack.

2. Wet clay can be added to dry greenware.

3. Clay dries quickly and can be dried unevenly without cracking.

4. Suitable for large outdoor work.

5. Pleasing creamy color.

6. Does not rot, ever! 7.

Super plastic.

8. Non toxic but firing should be well ventilated.

Sold in 25lb increments.
Technical notes.

  • Dry Shrinkage 7%
  • Loss On Ignition 4.1%
  • Cone 6 shrinkage 13%
  • Cone 6 absorption 1.6%