This is amazing how do i use it?!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: [Do I use fiber clay like I would use that papered clay?]
A: [Yes you do, only you will not have to hold your nose!]

Q: [Do we use fiber clay and paper clay the same as regular potters clay?]
A: [No! fiber clay sculptures can be built keeping in mind some of the unique properties of fibered clay Pieces of a sculpture can be made in advance, allow to dry "BONE DRY" and then can be assembled with fibered clay slip and some fresh clay.]

Q: [Do i have to fire sheepdog clay?]
A: [You can let it dry and paint it with paint, it will not last forever but it is pretty strong]

Q: [What is a cone?]
A: [Orton cones were invented in the 1890's by American ceramic engineer and teacher Edward J. Orton Jr. (1863-1932) to accurately measure kiln temperature. In 1896 he established his Standard Pyrometric Cone Company. Orton was also a co-founder of the American Ceramics Society in 1899, as well as President of the Ohio Institute of Mining Engineers from 1893-94, Ohio State Geologist from 1899-1906 and Dean of the College of Engineering at The Ohio State University from 1902-06 and 1910-15.]

Q: [Do you have any lesson plans for teachers?]

Lesson Plans for Teachers.

Using Taxidermy no-fire clay in the classroom.

Sticks to an armature.

FiberClay creatures made of Sheepdog Fiberclay

Make parts one day assemble the creature on another day.

Mica Clay Lesson Plan

Make a bowl

FiberClay Sculpting Lesson Plan

Learn to work the paperclay way of attaching dry to dry with a slip and some clay.

Sheepdog fiberclay that doesn't rot.

Monsters! From Pinch Pots

Sheepdog Fiberclay pinch pot  monsters.pdf