I don’t want to say it’s the bomb ...
but it’s the bomb.

Sheepdog fiber clay body parts for action figures

I mean it isn't impossible?

One way to work with Sheepdog Fiberclay is to make an armature and stand out of the clay, let it dry completly, then, add feet, arms, torsos, necks, heads, hairpieses, blouses and all... Then fire to cone 04, decorate with Concepts or Stroke n Coats and fire to cone 06.

By the way, many thanks to Joanie Wolter for teaching great classes

Joanie Wolter fiber clay teacherJoanie Wolter fiber clay teacher

You should probably check out her work

Joanie Wolters teaches a sculpting method where using an armature made of metal rebar or tent nails you make a base and let it dry completly. Then add on everything to make a sculpture.

You cannot fire clay with a metal armature as the clay will shrink and the metal will not. The dry sculpture is painted with acrylic paints treated with a hardening agent.